1080 avalanche Wiki

extreme is the absolute final difficulty, it is denoted by two adjacent black diamonds. while this is used in real life it is very rar


match 1: angel light, top tree mama (treetop trauma reversed)

match 2: ride easy railways, trebble tussle (tressle trouble reversed)

match 3: easy life, evolution riff (revolution cliff reversed)

match 4: angel light, sid's night midi (midnight city reversed)

match 5: ride easy railways, dazzlin' teaser (diesel disaster reversed)

match 6: frozen melee, wit's thickett (sick with it reversed)

final challenge: avalanche alley, outway knoll (no way out reversed)


  • this dificulty has the most races of any difficulty (6 competitive races + final challenge)
  • the computer characters are much smarter in this difficulty
  • this pass is the only one to not feature admit one on it
  • if you look closely the skull apears to be biting when the pass is highlighted
  • unlike previous difficulties only a small bubble around the course is visible on the map
  • for time trial and gate challenge, the map is inacurate as it features the expert courses plus one more and it contains two reversed hard courses
  • the life icons are also different as its just two black diamonds over a solid black background
  • the competitors will allways use level 4 boards weather you've unlocked them or not
  • this difficulty features two courses dealing with music
  1. treble tussle (treble is the higher end of the musical spectrum, characterized by a "G" clef)
  2. evolution riff (a riff is a group of notes and/or chords played, usually during a solo)