1080 avalanche Wiki

expert is the final obvious difficulty but not the last one. it is denoted by a black diamond. again this is acurate in real life


match 1, easy life, revolution cliff

match 2, angel light, midnight city

match 3, aspen lake dam, rotted tidge

match 4, ride easy railways, diesel disaster

match 5, frozen melee, sick with it

final challenge, avalanche alley, no way out


  • this is the final 'obvius' difficulty
  • you race yourself!!!
  • if you listen closely on the frozen melee course you'll hear the anouncer question the competitor, because it's yourself (eg Akari Hyami v.s. Akari Hyami?!?!)
  • midnight city, along with it's extreme couterpart are the longest non-challenge courses in the game
  • the final challenge is the shortest in the game even shorter than two non-challenge expert courses